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Q. Where can I purchase Codafile Filing Systems?

A. Codafile products can be purchased by contacting Codafile direct in Australia on 1800 263 234 or New Zealand on 0800 263 234. Alternatively purchases can be made through the various Stationery companies, including OfficeMax NZ or OfficeMax Australia. For a list of other Resellers, please go to Resellers

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Q. How much space can I save by using Codafile Filing Systems?

A. Because Codafile Systems store files laterally, height is used more effectively and floor space is saved. Codafile offers better use of space as maximum density of filing is achieved. The space saved is dependent on the current type of storage used. The Codafile lateral filing units allow more than one person to have access to files at one time. The visibility of records offered enables quick selection of the right file.


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Q. Does Codafile endorse and/or support  any International Records Management Standards?

A. Codafile endorses and supports the ISO15489 Records Management Standard.

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Q. Does Codafile have an Environmental Policy?

A. Yes, Codafile has an Environmental Policy. Copies of this are available on request.

Q. Has Codafile achieved any Environmental Standards for its manufacturing and distribution sites?

A. Yes, Codafile products have been accredited to Environmental Gold standard. Copies of the certificates are available on request.

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Q. What are most of your filecovers made from?

A. The majority of our File covers are made from wood fibre grown in NZ from sustainable well managed pinus radiata plantation forests. This board (Formakote Spectra) is manufactured under strict environmental management systems using Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) pulp. The only exceptions are the two archival quality files made with acid free board from International Papers in the United States. (See next question for their Environmental Credentials)

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Q. Do the mills that Codafile sources its board from meet industry standards?

A. All manufacturers of File Board for Codafile are either certified to ISO14001 or EMS/ISO 9001 and carry either FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) certification. The material used complies with the New Zealand Government's "3 Star" rating. We are also working to secure Environmental Choice certification on our file covers.

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Q. Are your files able to be recycled?

A. All Codafile file covers are 100% recyclable.

Q. Are Codafile File Covers made from any recycled content (post consumer waste)?

A. The majority of our File covers are made from Formakote Spectra and White/Buff Manilla which does not have any recycled content.

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Q. Are the inks used in the production of files covers water based, vegetable based or Mineral based and how is the waste disposed of?

A. They are Vegetable oil based and any waste is disposed of environmentally using Transpacific Technical Services.

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Q. Are your file covers archival quality?

A. We have several file covers in our range that are considered ‘Archival Quality'. That means that they are acid free and have a pH rating of 8-10. (This is considered Archival Quality according to the NZ National Archives and the National Archives of Australia).

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Codafile provided an excellent service. When faced with a storage shortage, our office required a fresh and innovative approach to how we managed our personnel files. Codafile provided a timely and effective solution at a very competive price. If we had known the project was going to be made so easy and such a good result achived we would have done it sooner. Thanks Codafile!
Major Murray Brown
NZ Army


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