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In the era of e-business, how you store and catalogue information is critical to your ability to access important information quickly when it is needed for decision-making.

Records Management Consultancy

records_consultation.jpg At Codafile we are able to assist our clients to manage the impact of change and to maximise the benefits of new systems implementations with minimal disruption.

We offer practical solutions that work for our clients by impacting positively upon their business operations. Codafile can provide experienced staff to assist with developing appropriate records management outcomes for any organisation.

Our unique, consultative research approach enables us to gain valuable insights for solving most records management and storage problems. As part of the consultancy process, Codafile will analyse the information needs of your organisation. This enables us to develop and tailor the design architecture of a records and information management system that will meet your exact requirements.

We are able to assist with:

  • Records Management policy and procedures
  • Storage audits
  • File audits
  • woman_in_front_of_filing_shelves.jpgClassification and indexing options
  • Technology development
  • Change management
  • Training
  • Feedback/Adjustments
  • Solution Design
  • Programming
  • Allocation Lists
  • Staff Training
  • Conversion and Document procedures

codaprint_lady.jpg Of course Codafile can assist you during the implementation process by providing trained staff to convert and label file covers, using our Codaprint software.

We can create a new database of your records using Filetrak, the only comprehensive tracking software on the market specifically designed for hard copy records.

Whether you are planning a move, upgrading your existing premises, or want to improve productivity and save valuable floor space, Codafile's team of experienced consultants can help ensure you achieve your objectives.  If you prefer, we can also
work with your designer to ensure your needs are met in terms of cost effective and
aesthetic storage solutions.

man_and_woman_shaking_hands.jpgIf you are planning a move, upgrading your premises, or concerned about operating at peak efficiency, the method of housing and cataloguing your records will impact at the very grass roots level. 



We have found Filetrak to be a very useful system to manage our physical records. Since our file issues and returns system is self-regulated, staff have found it easy to take or return files using their barcode IDs and the Filetrak scanner stationed near the compactus. It is easy to track files now.

Packing files into archive boxes is easy and we have been able to incorporate our records disposal authorities into the system to manage files as per National Archives of Australia's requirements. The audit function is useful for checking whether the system is working properly.
Filetrak Corporate User

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